Baby Girl Stewart 08/02/1960 Newport News, VA Monday, Jan 19 2015 

Is it wrong that I am really annoyed that I know more details about the doctor that delivered me,Dr. Samuel H. Mirmelstein 1907 – 1977, than I do about my birth family??? I even found his Social Security # and a photo of his gravestone.

What I know so far:
• Born in Newport News, VA at Riverside Hospital on 08/02/1960 @2:11am, delivered by Dr. S.H. Mirmelstein.
• I went home from the hospital with my adoptive parents. My adoptive mom said my birth mother was a teenager. She also said something vague about a Baptist church.
• Final Order in Adoption: 12/03/1962 with Judge Robert T. Armistead in the circuit court for the county of York. The lawyer was A. Jeffery Bivins. I am described as Baby Girl Stewart.
• DNA Database: user Dixie_Amazon
• A583002
• 14-12-24699
• G’s Adoption Registry:
• Adoptee Registry Connect:
• Also registered with, ISRR and others.
• Facebook:

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Last Day to Enter to Win Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn! Tuesday, Mar 24 2015 

Enter to win Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Skeins! Prize includes 3 skeins each of Dragonfly, Winery, and Springtime yarn. The deadline to enter is March 24, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

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Oolong Obsession Origin Tuesday, Nov 27 2012 

Way back in ancient times (the mid 1970’s) I found a box of loose tea in the kitchen junk drawer. My mom had received it as a gift and never opened it. It had a beautiful oriental design, all the labeling was in Chinese and was full of loose twisted leaves.

This was my first experience with loose tea and I loved it. I now know it was an oolong. Whether or not the memory of it deliciousness has been enhanced over time, I still long for it.

Real Southern Tea! Monday, Oct 22 2012 

A gentleman in Brookhaven, MS is starting a tea garden. I can’ t wait. I wonder if the LSU AG department as looked into this for Louisiana?

Although several years away, a new Lincoln County venture could mean jobs and agritourism opportunities for the area and state.

Jason McDonald, managing partner of FiLoLi Farms of Brookhaven, is about to embark on a seven-year commitment to plant and grow tea plants and produce tea.

McDonald was inspired to get into tea production by a visit to Charleston, S.C., where he saw the United States’ only current tea farm.

Visit FiLoLi Farm on Facebook.

FarmGirl on Self Defense Thursday, Aug 2 2007 

I cannot emphasize enough how important know basic self defense techniques are for women. On her blog Tractor Tracks, FarmGirl has an excellent post on the subject.

Be aware of your surroundings ladies and gentlemen.

I Almost Wet Myself Reading This! Sunday, Jul 29 2007 

Please go straight to A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver’s blog. His Crocodile Hunter parody is to die for!

Return of the Barbarian Horde Saturday, Jul 7 2007 

Well two thirds of the horde anyway. The two oldest have been away at Boy Scout camp for a week. A rainy muddy Boy Scout camp. They are due back tonight and I am dreading what is coming home with them; muddy clothes, ticks and no telling what else.

On the bright side it has been very quiet at home and I am all caught up on laundry, at least until the campers get home.

Independence Day Wednesday, Jul 4 2007 

A good day to reread the Declaration of Independence. Thanks to LawDog for the link to a copy without political commentary.

Have a great 4th of July.


More on Meat Injection. Monday, Jul 2 2007 

Found a great aritcle at the Oregonian. I can’t copy it and it won’t be up much longer. I love the quote that it is a great way to turn 1000 pounds of product into 1200 pounds of product.

What’s the Solution?

I Just Wanted to Buy Some Chicken Breasts Monday, Jul 2 2007 

I went to Super Wally World today. I usually don’t buy meat there but I decided to get some chicken breasts. They had a few brands. Several proclaiming they were “All Natural!”. So I read more carefully and see, “Injected with up to 15% chicken broth.” Well I don’t know the ingredients in their chicken broth and I sure as hell ain’t spending $$$ per pound for it.

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