Is it wrong that I am really annoyed that I know more details about the doctor that delivered me,Dr. Samuel H. Mirmelstein 1907 – 1977, than I do about my birth family??? I even found his Social Security # and a photo of his gravestone.

What I know so far:
• Born in Newport News, VA at Riverside Hospital on 08/02/1960 @2:11am, delivered by Dr. S.H. Mirmelstein.
• I went home from the hospital with my adoptive parents. My adoptive mom said my birth mother was a teenager. She also said something vague about a Baptist church.
• Final Order in Adoption: 12/03/1962 with Judge Robert T. Armistead in the circuit court for the county of York. The lawyer was A. Jeffery Bivins. I am described as Baby Girl Stewart.
• DNA Database: user Dixie_Amazon
• A583002
• 14-12-24699
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• Also registered with, ISRR and others.
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